Paving and Sealcoating in Warwick, NY

We are the people to call for Paving and Sealcoating in Warwick, NY.  Warwick is located in Orange County NY and is just a stones throw from our base of operations.  #TeamTabascoPaving has served Corn Wall on Hudson for their paving and sealcoating needs for generations.

Residential Paving and Sealcoating on Panarama, Dr. in Warwick New York

On 3 August we spend the day doing a Residential Paving and Sealcoating job for a client on Panarama Dr. in Warwick New York.  Check out these photos!

Residential Sealcoating on Old Ridge RD in Warwick NY

On July 25, 2016 our team spent the day on Old Ridge Road in Warwick New York where we cleaned and Sealcoated a driveway for a client with asphalt sealer.  We also grouted all of the major cracks.  This type of maintenance helps keep the driveway looking great for years and will improve the value of your home.  Not to mention this little bit of attention to detail can prevent major damage to cars and build up of ice that results in extreme safety hazards during those harsh New York winters.

Residential Paving on Aimee Ct in Warwick, NY

Excavated the entire existing asphalt driveway and hauled it away. We removed the grass and soil on left side to widen laneway. Grated existing base and rebased with item #4 stone and compacted it to let settle for 2 to 3 weeks. This time ensures that the surface is as strong as possible and will last longer without cracking, chipping or sinking.

Residential Paving on Village Cove in Warwick NY

On Monday we were out at Village Cove in Warwick NY. The team did an amazing job. We knocked out four town house driveways. We removed the high areas by the garage. The we edged and cleaned all the surfaces. Because we were applying a new layer over an existing driveway we had to apply a tack coat for the new asphalt bond. We also filled the low areas to shim and level with asphalt. Then we paved with 2″ inches average over existing surface with state approved asphalt. #WeAreArtTabascoPaving!

Paving and Sealcoating in Warwick New York means Sealcoating driveways on Old Cross Road!

Guess where we were on August 8th, 2016?  Well, given the bold text directly above you probably guessed that we were on Old Cross Road.  If you didn’t, that’s OK too – but maybe we need to get you some glasses 😉  Check out this picture of an incredibly long driveway.  We were super proud of how this mammoth strip turned out and couldn’t be more proud.  It’s an honor to share it with you!

Driveway Sealcoating in Warwick, NY by Art Tabasco and Sons

Residential Sealcoating on Beth Court in Warwick NY

On August 8th we were at it again, Paving and Sealcoating in Warwick, NY. For this job we cleaned and sealcoated with the clients driveway with asphalt sealer.

Want to learn more about Warwick, New York?  Click here.

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