Paving and Seal Coating in Cornwall on Hudson, NY

Art Tabasco and Sons Paving is the company to call for Paving and Seal Coating in Cornwall on Hudson, NY.  Cornwall on Hudson is located in Orange County NY and is home to Storm King School and some of the most amazing views in all of New York.  #TeamTabascoPaving has served Corn Wall on Hudson for their paving and sealcoating needs for generations.

Commercial Paving at Storm King School in Cornwall on Hudson, NY

On 13 Jul 2016 our team repaved the entire parking and driving surface of one of the most historic sites in all of Orange County.  It was truly an honor to be called upon by the Storm King School to take care of their paving needs.  Their road network and parking surfaces were in need of some serious repair.  We are proud of the work we did there as you can see from these pictures.  One of the biggest hazards to a paved surface is poor drainage – look carefully at the photos and you’ll see we did a great job setting them up for a safe and properly drained road network.